I grew up in a wonderful home with an amazing mother. My 2 grandmothers lived close by and we were spoiled by them. One was named Anna and the other Rhea Anna. And so my handle if you will is Granny Ann. Together those 3 women taught me everything and taught me how to love living life by hand. I hope you enjoy the adventure as much as I have.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Nine star, nine patch baby quilt, boy version

It is so fun to make the same quilt twice. I didn't have to make a new pattern. I just used the old one. And they look totally different or they could have looked totally different but as you can see I am addicted to stripes. Stars and stripes actually. I must just be very patriotic.
If you would like to see how I drew this quilt out just tell me in the comments and I will email the instructions to you.
When I quilted it, I did swirlies and stars in the middle. I skipped the brown boarder. Then I just stippled the stripes. Simple yet so fun.
Here is my girl version.

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