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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

How to prepare and crocket around a baby blanket (boy version)

To make a crocheted receiving blanket for a baby you will need:

1 wing needle

1 1/4 yards each of 2 coordinating flannels, washed, dried and ironed.

1 crochet hook size 6/1.80MM
1 spool matching crochet thread

Lay flannels with wrong sides together. Cut off selvages and square up fabrics. Round the corners as pictured below.

Set your machine to zig zag on the widest setting. On a Bernina, choose a stitch length of about 3.5. Stitch around the entire edge of the blanket making sure the stitching goes just barely over the edge on one side.

Begin by tying the crocheen onto the fabric through one of the stitching holes and tie a square knot.

Put hook through this same hole. Pull up a loop and bring it through the fabric. With loop still on hook yarn over the crocket thread as pictured above. Pull this part of the thread through loop. This consistutes your first single crochet (SC). SC 2 more times.

Chain 3 times as pictured below.

With chain still on hook insert the hook back through the last SC, pull up a loop and pull through all.

This is form a picot.

SC 5 more times then do another picot. Repeat this around the edge of the blanket. If possible end with 2 SC. On last stitch cut thread 2 inches from end and pull through loop. Finish by feeding ends of thread underneath stitches with crochet hook.

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